Stealth Cleaner

Our new high-tech and innovative ROV, Stealth Cleaner, makes net cleaning easier. The system is manufactured for Ocein AS by Kystdesign - one of the world's most recognized suppliers of offshore ROVs.

InformationTechnical specifications

In addition to cleaning the net effectively and gently, Stealth Cleaner offers:

  • No sharp edges or moving parts that could damage the net

  • A patented tool that thoroughly cleans all hard-to-reach places where cleansing fish feeds

  • A combination of lower pressure and higher flow to clean the net effectively and reduce wear and tear

  • Lower energy consumption and no risk of oil leakage

  • Documentation through video

Kystdesign — complex systems for underwater operations

Kystdesign supplies a wide range of products to the oil and gas industry. The company has high interdisciplinary knowledge of technical issues at all levels — from system to component level. The Kystdesign team consists of specialists in mechanical design, hydraulics, electronics and software development. Solid expertise in combination with extensive offshore experience ensure products that solve operational challenges.

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