StealthCleaner - Netcleaner

Revolutionary technology for efficient and gentle cleaning of fishfarming nets.

efficient and gentle cleaning of fishfarming nets

StealthCleaner is probably the most efficient and gentle net cleaner in the market, combining a large volume of water with low pressure to reduce wear and tear of the net.

After cleaning of more than 8000 nets with the Stealth Cleaner we are very confident in it's unrivalled performance.

The Stealth Cleaner is produced by one of the world's most acknowledged WORKROV manufacturers, Kystdesign as.

Unique design

The Stealth Cleaner is patented, and it's very unique triangle design makes it possible to clean even the most inaccessible parts of the nets. 

Enviromentally friendly

Electrically powered, the Stealth Cleaner is enviromentally friendly with no danger of emissions of oil to the water. Module-based design ensures  easy change of parts with minimum down-time. 360 degree maneuverability provides effective and easy operation of the system.


The Stealth Cleaner is easy to control and provides easy acces to difficult areas. With 4 cameras, cleaning and inspections is thouroghly monitored. 


A wide range of specially developed tooling enables StealthCleaner to cover a variety of purposes. We aim to develop efficient tooling to clean every part of the fish farm and the moorings. 


Umbilical Drum

The umbilical/tether drum ensures safe and efficient launch and recovery of the Stealth Cleaner.

Storage and Maintenance Table

The Storage and Maintenance table ensures safe transportation and provides easy acces to all parts of the ROV during maintenance. The table can be angled in different directions and provides easy launch and recovery.

Spare part package

With our standard spare part package you will have the most important spares for your operations.

Tauvasker til Stealthcleaner

Rope Cleaner

Like everything underwater, the fouling grows faster than what you think is pos­ sible. The frame moorings are long and difficult to get clean. We have experi­ enced this after over 20 years of cleaning nest. StealthCleaner which is our net wash equipment has a modular design. This allows you to attach various special equip­ ment to clean the hard­to­reach areas. Now we have developed a rope cleaner to our multitool, StealthCleaner. This makes it possible to have the frame mooring washed while taking the note. This builds up under our philosophy of safe efficiency and sustainability

Hamsterhjul til Stealthcleaner

Hamster wheel Cleaner

There are some parts of the net that are very difficult to clean, the hamster wheel being such a part where it is complicated to enter. StealthCleaner is modular, and Ocein has developed a hamster wheel cleaner that is specially adapted to clean this part of the net. By attaching it to the StealthCleaner as a separate module it facilitates the washing in a safe, efficient and thorough manner.

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